Wednesday, November 23, 2016

For Health's Sake

For Health's Sake Campaign
Hey guys its been a long time since I've started blogging again ! (P/S: I removed the older posts from 2010-2014)
However I'm currently back to introduce to ya peeps about a campaign that I'm participating on which is the "For Health's Sake" campaign. Basically it's a campaign to inform the public especially students about health awareness. The event will be held on 14th - 17th of November in INTI College Subang Jaya.

Before the events started..
During the planning phase of the event, there was a few meetings held to discuss about the plans and stuff. I was put in a group of participants under the head of department, Sherwin. Besides that, because we were having a flash mob during the event, everyone have to attend a simple dance class lead by Sherwin as well. We learnt simple dance steps when we were there, with the music which is, High School Musical and Uptown Funk. I really enjoyed the dance practices and dance as well.

The pre-event days started from 14th-16th November.
On the first day of the pre-event, at 8.30a.m in the morning, we gathered at INTI's student hub to have a meeting and brief on what to do. But there was a slight delay for the briefing which started at around 9.30 a.m, so i helped to blow the balloons for the Dis-stress balloon booth.

After the brief where everyone was told where their booth/jobs were, they were headed off to set up the booth and decorations. In my case, Im just being a participant's extras, which is any section that need us can call for the extras. So, Amber took me and the other extras in for looking after the Dis-Stress Balloon booth. The booth was basically a game where balloons were pinned onto a board, and players were given a 3 darts to pop the balloon. But before popping the balloon, players were required to write about their "stress" on a memo note and stick it on the balloon, and POP the balloon so their stress would be gone. That's the main idea of the "Dis-stress balloon". After the balloons were popped, sweets are given to the players as a reward for popping their stress, and, they were required to stick the stress on the boards, as a proof that they popping em'. As the dis-stress balloon booth was located at the side, it was quite hard to attract people over. But still, we managed to gather a few players to pop' em balloons. One of the challenges i faced was I COULD NOT BLOW THE BALLOON BIG ENOUGH, instead i have to use the pump but the pump spoiled because too many people was using it -_-


Moving onto the second day of the pre-event, there was a gathering at 8.30 a.m as well but I was'nt feeling well so I went during the second bath duty which is at 12.00 p.m, since extras are just looking after the dis-stress balloon booth :p..During the second day i didnt took much photos but there was this performance by few singers, and it was really nice.

On the second day as well, I've only look after the dis-stress balloon booth, and also walk around looking at the environment of the event and what other crews were doing. I stayed up to 4.00 p.m to look after the booth. One of the main challenges we faced was there was heavy rain every day as its the monsoon season, It was really hard to look after the booth, the board kept falling down and the rain was making things worst. After that, we wrapped things up there was a final practice at studio for the flash mob on the next day. The flash mob ended around 6 p.m.

On the third day, which is the last day of the pre-event, the board was so full of STRESSSSS and we had to change new mahjong papers.

 One of the challenges we faced was the balloons keep flying off, look at how Raymond ran all the way to grab the balloons !

After that, there was a flash mob at 2.00 p.m infront of Chatime. The flash mob was really so fun, everyone's position was mixed up so we just jumped into a random position and start dancing and jumping ! There was a photo taken by the crews but sadly I dont have it.
After the flash mob I stayed at the booth until around 4.00 p.m and wrapped up. During the period I also went ahead and printed out the survey questions and passed around a few to know what's the feedback from the people.

Main Event
On the main event day, there was a gathering at 8.30 a.m. I wasn't there on time for the event for some reason but i'll basically just write what was the event about. In the morning, the VIPs arrived and there was a few ushers to guide them into the event. The event is a health talk to inform the audience about health awareness, a balanced diet, calorie counting, proper sleep schedule and having a regular exercise. There was also a blood donation and checkup booth set-up.  In my opinion, this campaign was quite informative and also creates awareness among student to be more health conscious. It also encourages people to take better care of themselves. However, I think that the campaign might be lacking in a sense that it lacks some force, drive and doesn't have a call-to-action and not really entertaining enough to attract the audience to the auditorium. In overall, I think it is a great campaign organized but lacks in the part for attracting audiences. I would suggest the campaign to be promoted on social media before the event, not on the event day itself to generate a word of mouth among audience and to attract people. Also, if there were more entertainment, games or rewards, people would highly be more attracted to come and listen. Besides that, for a school organized event, I think that budget is also a problem because if the treasurer had a higher budget they might actually make the event more grand. When I was looking after the booth, I overheard a conversation that they were lacking budget to buy decorations and stuff. Lastly, I think that I've learn quite alot from this event, and personally I'm looking forward to work as an event planner !